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At HomesFinance, we empower people to feel confident in their financial situation and help improve their lives with a new home or enhancements to their current home. We are dedicated to providing nothing short of the best home finance services and advice to our loyal subscribers. We are a locally-run business with resources and partnerships at a national level. Our hard working team of experts is ready to help you achieve you financial and home-related dreams. Whatever your needs are, our customer support team is here to guide you through the entire process.

With the help of our experienced team, we deliver the best deals, promotions, and advice to help you with improving not only your home but your financial situation as well. We are committed to constantly improving our offerings through customer feedback in order to provide the best service possible and make a real difference in our subscribers' lives.

Our Mission

We aim to improve your life and help you achieve your dreams by providing the finest home and finance related services. We ensure we have the right resources, offerings, and partnerships to meet almost any home and finance related need you may have.

In addition, we strive to provide you with the most savings possible, whether it's through mortgage refinancing or getting the best rates on home warranty coverage. So whether you're looking to buy your first home, or enhance your current home and financial situation, we can help.

Our core mission has always been to provide real solutions to common everyday problems. Every member of our talented team is united in accomplishing our mission, so rest assured that you are in capable hands.

Our Partnerships

Our team has been busy developing strategic partnerships over the last few years. By leveraging our large subscriber base we're able to get the best rates from some of the top providers in various areas of home enhancement services. We then pass these savings directly onto our subscribers.

We've partnered with some of the top financial companies to offer you competitive mortgage rates and refinancing options. We also have nationwide partners that offer various contracting services such as Solar Panel Installation, New Roof or Windows, and Pest Control /Exterminators. Our partners go through a comprehensive vetting process to ensure that only the top licensed contractors handle your home enhancement needs. We constantly monitor our customer feedback to ensure our partners are performing to high standards.

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HomesFinance can help you achieve your dream of owning a home and improving your family’s living environment. Having a long-term mortgage ensures that your equity grows, in addition to your home’s value.

One of our mortgage partners will help find the best mortgage solution for your particular financial situation. Everyone wants to build equity, and this is the main financial reason for owning your home. You can use the equity that you build up to help pay for bills, education, weddings and even your retirement.

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In many cases, refinancing your mortgage makes great financial sense as it results in a better interest rate and terms.

Refinancing your mortgage essentially means substituting your current loan with a new one. This means that you will get different conditions, costs, terms and often a new lender. Through our many mortgage refinancing partners, we'll help you find a solution that can lower your interest rate and offer better terms than your current mortgage. One of the benefits can be lower monthly payments or you can keep the same monthly payment while reducing the remaining term. If your home rises in value, refinancing can also help get some of the money back to pay off other debts.

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When looking to buy a home, many choose the rent to own option for its flexibility. For a potential buyer, rent to own has many advantages.

Rent to own is very similar to leasing a car. As with a car lease, every monthly payment is a part of a payment plan at the end of which you are offered an option to buy the home with the small interest you have been paying being used as a down-payment. HomeFinance can help both sellers and buyers develop a mutually beneficial rent to own payment plan. Rent to own can help those in a bad financial situation achieve their homeowner ambitions.

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A home warranty can help homeowners take care of expenses such as repairing or replacing certain appliances, HVAC systems or other important home features that standard home insurance doesn’t cover.

Many homeowners feel secure knowing their insurance policy covers their home from thefts or natural disasters. But mechanical failures of home appliances is something you should be more concerned about as they are much more common and could cost you a small fortune. Replacing or repairing elements such as the water heater, central air system or appliances like the refrigerator could be extremely expensive. Fortunately, a home warranty offers you coverage for such unexpected appliance failures. This is why smart homeowners seek help from HomesFinance to protect their finances against such unfortunate malfunctions.

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Home Insurance can help protect the contents of your home and the home itself against unfortunate events like natural disasters or burglary.

Your home is your most valuable possession, which is why you should take all available measures to protect it from unfortunate events that could cost you the roof over your head. Our quality insurance partners can help you save on your insurance coverage, as well as improve what's covered. Get in touch to get competitive quotes and a wide array of coverage options. Let us help protect your home, your valued possessions and secure your finances.

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Upgrading your home to solar power has many advantages. Not only is it good for the environment but your electric bill as well.

We can help you get your home ready for the green power era with solar power upgrade options. Upgrading to solar is now much more affordable than you think. Solar loans can also be used to help equip your home with state-of-the-art solar panels. These loans are similar to other home improvement loans but have the added advantage of providing you with ongoing savings on your electric bill. Upgrading your home to solar power is not just going to reduce your power bill and increase the value of your home, it also means investing in the future of clean, renewable energy.

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Is your roof or your windows nearing the end of their lifespan? Do you have skyrocketing electric bills from trying to keep your home warm? Don’t let the next winter catch you off guard.

Investing in a new quality roof or windows will not only increase your home value, it will also keep your electric bill in check during the cold winter days, or those scorching days of summer. It's important that you use a quality licensed contractor and the best materials for your project. HomeFinance has a network of nationwide partners with great track records to help with your project. We understand homeowners can’t always cover the costs of such expensive undertakings, which is why we can also assist you with affordable home improvement loans to help improve your home and quality of life.

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Are unwanted insects or other pests taking over your home? It's important to handle pest problems in your home quickly and professionally to avoid lowering the value of your home.

Having vermin or insects invade your home is a serious issue. The worst part about these pests is not simply that they are unsightly, but many can transmit diseases, or cause significant damage to your home. This is why it's important to take care of any infestation promptly and professionally before it gets out of hand. Pest control services can be expensive, but fortunately, through our partner network of some of most effective exterminators in the country, you can get your home life back to normal without breaking the bank.

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At HomesFinance, client satisfaction is our top priority. We aspire our customers to follow their dreams of becoming homeowners. By offering great rates on home enhancements and professional financial services we have helped clients of all ages, professions and credit scores achieve their dreams.

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Obtaining a mortgage was much easier than I had ever imagined thanks to HomesFinance, and we got a great rate as well!

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Just got our home upgraded to Solar. I can't believe we didn't do it sooner! Amazing price and professional installation. Thanks again!

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